Our mission

Our mission is to maintain a road link, via the Logierait Bridge, to the communities on either side of the river Tay.

The Logierait Bridge, located near the ancient village of Logierait in Highland Perthshire, crosses the River Tay and provides a vital local link between the two banks of the river for the surrounding communities. The use of the bridge can reduce the journey to villages on the south side of the river by up to seven miles. The savings for local residents and business are estimated at £100,000 a year in diversion costs.


John Fry from the Logierait Bridge Company said: “Logierait Bridge was built in 1865 to carry passenger trains across the River Tay, it operated as a railway bridge until 1964 when it was closed as part of the Beeching cuts. It is now owned and maintained by the community, a fact that is not widely known.  Up to 200 vehicle crossings a day have been recorded - not to mention cyclists who use it as part of the Sustrans National Cycle Network.